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Which Is Right For Me?

All of it comes down to your lifestyle, what you might use it for, and price. A 3-season sunroom is perfect if you’re planning on using it primarily in the spring, summer, and fall – for example, if you entertain a lot in the Amsterdam summer, having a 3-season sunroom to host your guests in could be a fantastic addition to your home. It’ll also be much cheaper – so you can enjoy all the benefits of a home addition on a budget.

If you feel that you want a home addition that you can use year-round, however, a 4-season sunroom is the way to go. With a 4-season sunroom, the possibilities are endless, and the room will feel like a genuine new room addition to your home as opposed to a seasonal option. So, if you’re looking for a new space to work in with a little more light, a 4-season sunroom could be the best option for your Mayfield home.